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Qualitative Research in Clinical and Health Psychology

ISBN 9781137291073
Publication Date November 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

Why are qualitative methods so important to clinical and health psychology research? How do you decide which methods to use? Can you successfully combine qualitative and quantitative methods?

Qualitative Research in Clinical and Health Psychology:
- Features contributions from world-leading experts in the field;
- Includes chapters on issues, methodologies and methods often overlooked in qualitative research books, including psychoanalytic methods and discussions of culture and language;
- Uses a wealth of examples from research projects to show you how to apply the theory to real research.

This comprehensive textbook is the ideal guide for anybody who wishes to develop their understanding of qualitative methods and to learn how to apply them in clinical and health psychology.

Poul Rohleder is Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Academic Tutor at the University of East London, UK. He is a clinical psychologist with research interests in HIV and sexual health, disability, critical health psychology, mental health and social psychoanalysis. Poul currently has a programme of research on sexual health and disability.
Antonia Lyons is Professor at Massey University, New Zealand. Her research interests concern identity, gender, embodiment and the social and cultural contexts of health behaviour, particularly alcohol consumption. Antonia has recently led a 3-year research project on the use of digital technologies in drinking cultures.

1. Introduction: Qualitative Research in Clinical and Health Psychology; Poul Rohleder and Antonia C. Lyons
2. Epistemology and Qualitative Research; Kerry Chamberlain
3. Ethical Issues in Qualitative Research; Poul Rohleder and Charlotte Smith
4. Thinking about Culture and Language in Psychological Research and Practice; Leslie Swartz
5. Ensuring Quality in Qualitative Research; Gareth Treharne and Damien Riggs
6. Approaches to Collecting Data; Antonia C. Lyons
7. Thematic Analysis; Virginia Braun, Victoria Clarke and Gareth Terry
8. Grounded Theory; Alison Tweed and Helena Priest
9. Narrative Research; Michael Murray and Anneke Sools
10. Phenomenological Psychology; Michael Larkin
11. Psychoanalytically Informed Research; Kerry Gibson
12. Conversation Analysis; Chris Walton and Mick Finlay
13. Discourse Analysis; Jane Ussher and Janette Perz
14. Ethnography; Juliet Foster
15. Participatory Research; Cathy Vaughan
16. Q Methodological Research; Wendy Stainton-Rogers
17. Mixed Methods Research and Personal Projects Analysis; Kerryellen Vroman.


This thorough and very readable textbook provides an excellent introduction to qualitative research in psychology. It brings together contributions from many of the world's leading qualitative and critical researchers of health and clinical psychology into an integrated whole.' - Christina Lee, Professor of Health Psychology, University of Queensland, Australia
'I am excited to see the publication of Qualitative Research in Clinical and Health Psychology, a much needed methodological resource specific to the fields of health and clinical psychology, as well as to related fields. It is impressive with the solid epistemological and methodological grounding of each chapter, the wide range of approaches presented, inclusion of the most recent developments and innovative explorations through qualitative inquiry into health and clinical psychology. Each chapter masterfully presents the specific approach, with a richness of examples, detailed and clear guides to data collection, analysis and interpretation and thus will be an invaluable resource for both new and seasoned qualitative researchers.' - Irina Todorova, Clinical Associate Professor, Northeastern University, Boston, USA and Fellow of the European Health Psychology Society
'Rohleder & Lyons have assembled a great cast of experts to explain and illustrate a wide range of qualitative research methods employed in health and clinical psychology domains. There is a clear need for a book such as this, and I think it will prove to be an invaluable resource for trainee practitioners, postgraduate and early career researchers alike as they embark on their qualitative research journeys.' - Brendan Gough, Professor of Social Psychology, School of Social, Psychological and Communication Sciences, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
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