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Local and Global Histories

ISBN 9781137524447
Publication Date September 2016
Formats Paperback Hardcover 
Publisher Palgrave

Over five centuries, a global archipelago of quarantine stations came to connect the world's oceans from the Mediterranean to the South Pacific, from Atlantic coasts to the Red Sea. In the process, great new carceral structures materialised, many surviving into the present as magnificent ruins or as 5 star hotels with a dark tourism edge.

This book offers new histories and geographies of quarantine islands and isolation hospitals across the world, bringing their local and global pasts and present into view. An international cast of leading experts examine the enduring historical problems of migration and mobility, segregation, prevention and protection by states with different interests in freedoms, health and commerce. With case studies from as far afield as the Red Sea, Hong Kong and New Zealand, and from the early modern period forward, this book provides an invaluable insight into the history of quarantine.

Alison Bashford is Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History at the University of Cambridge, UK. She was formerly Whitlam and Fraser Chair of Australian Studies at Harvard University, USA, where she taught the history of global health. She currently holds positions on many scholarly and publishing advisory boards in the UK, the US and Australia. Her many books have brought together medical history, world history and environmental history.

1. Maritime Quarantine: Linking Old World and New World Histories; Alison Bashford
2. The Places and Spaces of Early Modern Quarantine; Jane Stevens Crawshaw
3. Early Nineteenth-Century Mediterranean Quarantine as a European System; Alexander Chase-Levenson
4. Incarceration and Resistance in a Red Sea Lazaretto, 1880-1930; Saurabh Mishra
5. Spaces of Quarantine in Colonial Hong Kong; Robert Peckham
6. Quarantine in the Dutch East Indies; Hans Pols
7. The Empire of Medical Investigation on Angel Island, California; Nayan Shah
8. Quarantine for Venereal Disease: New Zealand, 1915-18; Barbara Brookes
9. Influenza and Quarantine in Samoa; John Ryan McLane
10. Yellow Fever, Quarantine and the Jet Age in India: Extremely Far, Incredibly Close; Kavita SivaramakrishnanPART II: HERITAGE: MEMORIALISING LANDSCAPES OF QUARANTINE
11. Sydney's Landscapes of Quarantine; Anne Clarke, Ursula K. Frederick and Peter Hobbins
12. Sana Ducos: the Last Leprosarium in New Caledonia; Ingrid Sykes
13. History, Testimony, and the Afterlife of Quarantine: The National Hansen's Disease Museum of Japan; Susan L. Burns
14. Citizenship and Quarantine at Ellis Island and Angel Island: The Seduction of Interruption; Gareth Hoskins
Afterword; Mark Harrison


“This collection of essays provides a rich assortment of historical contexts for understanding its past complexities and hence its present implications. … Quarantine is a fine book. Its authors skilfully employ both primary and secondary sources, and the endnotes for each chapter are bouquets of bibliographic information for interested readers.” (Jo N. Hays, Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 43 (3), August, 2017)|A valuable addition to the history of quarantine as a global phenomenon, and the history of disease. Readers tackling the whole collection will find much opportunity for comparative analysis between chapters, as recurring themes around security, exclusion, and resistance emerge in various contexts.' – Elise Smith, University of Warwick, UK
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