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Rethinking the Vietnam War

ISBN 9780333984901
Publication Date August 2012
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Rethinking World Politics

The Vietnam War is one of the defining conflicts of the twentieth century: not only did it divide American society at every level; the conflict also represented a key shift in Asian anti-colonialism and shaped the course of the Cold War. Despite its political and social importance, popular memory of the war is dominated by myths and stereotypes.

In this incisive new text, John Dumbrell debunks popular assumptions about the war and reassesses the key political, military and historical controversies associated with one of the most contentious and divisive wars of recent times. Drawing upon an extensive range of newly accessible sources, Rethinking the Vietnam War assesses all aspects of the conflict – ranging across domestic electoral politics in the USA to the divided communist leadership in Hanoi and grassroots antiwar movements around the world.

The book charts the full course of the war – from the origins of American involvement, the growing internationalization of the conflict and the swing year of 1968 to bitter twists in Sino-Soviet rivalry and the eventual withdrawal of American forces. Situating the conflict within an international context, John Dumbrell also considers competing interpretations of the war and points the way to the resolution of debates which have divided international opinion for decades.

JOHN DUMBRELL is Professor of Government at Durham University, UK.

Rethinking the Vietnam War
The Developing War
Lyndon Johnson's War
The Tet Offensive
Nixon's War
The Antiwar Movement
The Military Dimension
Understanding the Vietnamese Revolution
Endings and Reverberations.


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