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Roadblocks in Acting

ISBN 9781137609700
Publication Date September 2017
Formats Ebook Hardcover Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

Why do actors keep making the same choices each time they perform, even though they are playing a different character? Why do actors put limitations on their work that diminish their marketability? How can actors remain personally safe in emotionally charged scene work? How can actors identify the roadblocks that are holding them back from freedom in their work? 

This book examines these and many other questions related to the self-imposed barriers actors place on their work. Roadblocks often limit and constrain actors from accessing the emotional availability so readily required for this unique craft. This book offers a systematic approach to achieving peak performance in order to defeat the self-doubt that hinders so many actors. Equally, the book offers guidance for educators and directors to compassionately assist actors toward that freedom. The book co-mingles psychology and acting theory in a unique way that targets the challenges that actors face daily. 

Rob Roznowski is an award-winning actor, author, director, educator and playwright. He is an Associate Professor at Michigan State University, USA, where he serves as the Head of Acting and Directing in the Department of Theatre.

Introduction: Roadblocks and Bridges
A Note to Actors
A Note to Acting Teachers
1. A Roadblock
2. Understanding Yourself as Actor
3. Understanding Your Other Selves
4. Identifying Roadblocks
5. Roadblock Examples
6. Addressing Roadblocks
7. Roadblocks Expanded
8. Bridges
9. Mindfulness.


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