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Teaching for Understanding at University

Deep Approaches and Distinctive Ways of Thinking

ISBN 9780230593855
Publication Date July 2009
Formats Hardcover Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Universities into the 21st Century

Research into how teaching affects the quality of student learning at university is a rapidly changing field. University teachers are increasingly required to develop their own strategies for effective teaching, often with limited guidance from their institutions. Teaching for Understanding at University not only outlines a wide range of recent developments in the area, but shows how approaches can be brought together to help university teachers think more imaginatively about ways of encouraging students' learning.

Written in a way designed to be interesting and accessible to university teachers across disciplines, the volume concentrates on how students reach a personal understanding of the subject they are studying. Covering academic understanding, approaches to teaching, assessment methods and evaluation of teaching, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to the latest ideas on teaching and learning. Avoiding unnecessary jargon and 'business speak', this is the ideal book for the newly qualified lecturer, as well as the more experienced academic who is keen to consider their teaching methods from a fresh perspective.

Noel Entwistle is Professor Emeritus of Education at the University of Edinburgh. He was previously the editor of the British Journal of Educational Psychology and Higher Education, and has an international reputation for his work in the field of student learning in higher education.

NOEL ENTWISTLE was the Bell Professor of Education at the University of Edinburgh, UK for 25 years and now is Professor Emeritus. He has Honorary Degrees from the Universities of Gothenburg and Turku and an Oeuvre Award for outstanding research contributions from the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction. He is a past editor of the British Journal of Educational Psychology and Higher Education, and has an international reputation for his work in the field of student learning in higher education.

Introduction and Outline
Educational Psychology and Student Learning
Learning and Influences on It
The Impact of Approaches to Learning
How Students Learn and Study
Understanding Understanding
The Nature of Academic Understanding
Evolving Approaches to Teaching
Ideas About Teaching and Learning
Teaching for Understanding
Research into Teaching for Understanding
A Heuristic Model of Teaching and Learning
Research Guiding Teaching
Assessment as the Driver, but in which Direction?
Influences of the Learning Environment
Practical Guidelines for Teaching that Encourages Deep Approaches
Professional Development of Teaching
Monitoring Teaching and Carrying Out Investigations
Appendix A: Indicative Interview Schedule
Appendix B: Questionnaire for Monitoring Learning and Teaching (SETLQ)


'I really liked this book. It is extremely well laid out and well structured. The book's structure pretty much echoes the way you would approach teaching. The research informed teaching discussed throughout the book greatly adds to its usefulness. Entwistle's use of the personal voice adds an unusual and welcome dimension. There are also concluding summaries for each chapter that offer the reader a helpful overview. This is a refreshing and engaging book from which both new and experienced university lecturers and teachers will benefit.' - Michelle Harvey, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Biology, University of Portsmouth, from the Times Higher Education Supplement, October 2009'... it could well become a classic text in this field. It is a lucid introduction to the basic concepts in teaching and learning, organized round the central concept of understanding.' - John Nisbet, Honorary Research Fellow and Professor of Education, University of Aberdeen, UK
'I am genuine in my opinion that every academic development unit in each UK university will make this a key-reader for their teaching. In many cases it is likely to become the course textbook for professional development.' - Dr David Hay, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, King's College London, UK
'This book will be greatly welcomed and will provide an excellent edition to the literature – and one that has a strong capacity to make a real difference. It presents an authoritative overview of relevant theory – including cutting edge developments in which the author has played a lead role.' - Peter Davies, Professor of Education Policy and Director, Institute for Education Policy Research, Staffordshire University, UK
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