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The Civil Rights Movement

Struggle and Resistance

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9781403938831
Publication Date November 2003
Formats Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Studies in Contemporary History

This completely revised and updated edition of a popular text focuses on the African American struggle for civil rights from 1945-2002. William T. Martin Riches shows how the black community used the institutions created by de jure segregation to overcome apartheid and white resistance. Riches emphasises their influence on other groups demanding justice in America and warns that recent events and administrations have endangered the gains made by the movement.

WILLIAM T. MARTIN RICHES was formerly Senior Lecturer and Convenor of American Studies at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

Series Editors' Preface
List of Acronyms
Basic Chronology
Transformation of Politics: Civil Rights 1945-58
Grassroots Struggle in the South
The Struggle Intensifies: JFK and a New Frontier?
Triumphs and Disasters: LBJ, The Great Society and the Limits of Liberalism
The New Right and Civil Rights
Transformation: A New South?
George Bush Sr: Willie Horton and the Southern Strategy
Clinton: A Third Way from Hope?
1877 and All That: George W. Bush
Epilogue: 'We Ain't What We Was': But...


Review of first edition:
'In tackling a highly sensitive and emotive issue, Riches presents a coherent and very readable account of the American Civil Rights movement.' - Esther Jubb, American Studies Today
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