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Computer Graphics for Java Programmers

Edition 3rd Edition
ISBN 9783319633565
Publication Date October 2017
Formats Hardcover Ebook 
Publisher Springer

This third edition covers fundamental concepts in creating and manipulating 2D and 3D graphical objects, including topics from classic graphics algorithms to color and shading models. It maintains the style of the two previous editions, teaching each graphics topic in a sequence of concepts, mathematics, algorithms, optimization techniques, and Java coding.

Completely revised and updated according to years of classroom teaching, the third edition of this highly popular textbook contains a large number of ready-to-run Java programs and an algorithm animation and demonstration open-source software also in Java. It includes exercises and examples making it ideal for classroom use or self-study, and provides a perfect foundation for programming computer graphics using Java.

Undergraduate and graduate students majoring specifically in computer science, computer engineering, electronic engineering, information systems, and related disciplines will use this textbook for their courses. Professionals and industrial practitioners who wish to learn and explore basic computer graphics techniques will also find this book a valuable resource.

Leen Ammeraal received his MSc degree in mathematics in 1971 at Delft University of Technology while working as a programmer and technical mathematician in industry since 1960. He did research on the development of compilers at the Mathematical Centre in Amsterdam from 1972 until 1977. He then joined Hogeschool Utrecht to teach mathematics and computer science until his retirement in 1998. He has written 14 books in Dutch and 12 in English on programming and computer graphics. The latter books were published by Wiley and translated into nine other languages. After his retirement he developed and published several applications for Android devices. His home page is at http://home.kpn.nl/ammeraal.

Kang Zhang is Professor and Director of Visual Computing Lab, Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Dallas. He received his B.Eng. in Computer Engineering from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in 1982, Ph.D. from the University of Brighton, UK, in 1990, and Executive MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2011. Prior to joining UT-Dallas, he held academic positions in the UK, Australia, and China, and taught many undergraduate and graduate classes for over 26 years. Dr. Zhang's current research interests include visual languages, aesthetic computing, generative art, and software engineering; and has published over 250 papers in these areas. He has authored and edited six books. Dr Zhang is on the Editorial Boards of Journal of Big Data, The Visual Computer, Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, and International Journal of Advanced Intelligence. His home page is at www.utdallas.edu/~kzhang.

1 – Elementary Concepts
2 – Applied Geometry
3 – Geometrical Transformations
4 – Classic 2D Algorithms
5 – Perspective and 3D Data Structure
6 – Hiddden-Line and Hidden-Face Removal
7 – Color, Texture, and Shading
8 – Fractals
Appendix A – Interpolation of 1/z
Appendix B – Class Obj3D
Appendix C – Hidden-Line Tests and Implementation
Appendix D – Several 3D Objects
Appendix E – Hints and Solutions to Exercises


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