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The Global Political System

ISBN 9781403995865
Publication Date February 2011
Formats Hardcover Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

What can International Relations scholarship tell us about the global political system? This innovative text examines the contribution made by the principal schools of International Relations to our understanding of the global system and draws on them to analyze some crucial issues for twenty-first century politics.

Elegantly synthesising history and theory, this text introduces the concepts that have been used to explain the politics and policies of the global system. It challenges the dominance of purely state-based approaches and shows how non-state-based approaches are essential for a full and integrated understanding of today's global politics. Using both approaches, the author examines key issues in contemporary world politics, from international security to economic stability and migration to human rights.

FULVIO ATTINA Jean Monnet Chair and Professor of Political Studies, University of Catania, Italy. He is former President of the Italian Association of Political Science. 

From International Relations to Global Politics: The Challenge
Politics as Conflict in an Asymmetric World
Politics as Cooperation in World of Equals
Global Institutions and Government
Global Political Change
Contemporary Global Politics
Reorganising The State
Changing International Security
The New Global Policies


This elegant, wise and distinctive text by an eminent Italian scholar offers a fresh perspective on the dynamics of international politics and global governance that will be equally enlightening for introductory students and experienced hands.' - A. J. R. Groom, University of Kent
'The world may not have a fully functioning central government but it has many of its characteristics like leadership, hierarchy, institutions, and concerns about authority and legitimacy. Fulvio Attinà points the way beyond out-dated notions of anarchy in international relations to a better understanding of the global political system.' - William R. Thompson, Indiana University
'The Global Political System remains, without a doubt, a key component in the current debate on globalisation, offering a neo-liberal approach to the latest global challenges.' -The International Spectator
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