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The Python Workbook

A Brief Introduction with Exercises and Solutions

ISBN 9783319385617
Publication Date October 2016
Formats Paperback Ebook Hardcover 
Publisher Springer

While other textbooks devote their pages to explaining introductory programming concepts, The Python Workbook focuses exclusively on exercises, following the philosophy that computer programming is a skill best learned through experience and practice. Designed to support and encourage hands-on learning about programming, this student-friendly work contains 174 exercises, spanning a variety of academic disciplines and everyday situations. Solutions to selected exercises are also provided, supported by brief annotations that explain the technique used to solve the problem, or highlight specific points of Python syntax. No background knowledge is required to solve the exercises, beyond the material covered in a typical introductory Python programming course. 

Undergraduate students undergoing their first programming course and wishing to enhance their programming abilities will find the exercises and solutions provided in this book to be ideal for their needs.

Dr. Ben Stephenson is a Senior Instructor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, AB, Canada.

Part I: Exercises
Introduction to Programming Exercises
If Statement Exercises
Loop Exercises
Function Exercises
List Exercises
Dictionary Exercises
File and Exception Exercises
Recursion Exercises
Part II: Solutions
Introduction to Programming Solutions
If Statement Exercise Solutions
Loop Exercise Solutions
Function Solutions
List Solutions
Dictionary Solutions
File and Exception Solutions
Recursion Solutions.


“The book is suitable for a gentle introductory college level course, or even a solid high school intro to programming course. … A book like this one might in fact be ideal for someone aiming to learn programming or Python on his own. It can also be a very good supplementary material for an online course … . The book is a great resource for acquiring the basic coding fluency … .” (Bojan Tunguz, tunguzreview.com, February, 2015)
“The book provides you with 174 exercises, which can make you an advanced beginner … in Python. The excersises are well-structured indeed, taking into account anything from the basics of the language (printing, units, conditionals, loops and functions) to some more advanced structures as dictionaries, lists and working with files. … The excersises are well selected indeed. I liked them and I enjoyed solving (or looking at their solutions) them.” (Vitosh Academy, vitoshacademy.com, February, 2015)
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