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The Road to Somewhere

A Creative Writing Companion

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9781137263575
Publication Date February 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

This revised, updated and expanded new edition of The Road to Somewhere will help you to acquire the craft and disciplines needed to develop as a writer in today's world. It is ideal for anyone - student writers, writing teachers and seasoned authors - seeking practical guidance, new ideas and creative inspiration.

The Road to Somewhere: A Creative Writing Companion, second edition offers:

- new chapters on writing for digital media, flash fiction, memoir, style and taking your writing out into the world
- updated chapters on fiction, scripts, poetry, and experimental forms
- an examination of creative processes and advice on how to read as a writer 
- many practical exercises and useable course materials
- extensive references and suggestions for further reading
- information on how to get work published or produced, in real and virtual worlds
- tips on how to set up and run writing workshops and groups 
- a complete Agony Aunt section to help with blocks and barriers 
- guidance on the more technical aspects of writing such as layout and grammar.

And, to lighten your writing journey a little, we've tried to make this second edition even wittier and smarter than the first. So whether you see yourself as a published professional or a dedicated dabbler, this is the book to take along for the ride.

Robert Graham is Subject Leader of Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Cheshire, UK.

Helen Newall is Reader in Performing Arts at Edge Hill University, UK, and is also a professional playwright.

Heather Leach was formerly Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at MMU, Cheshire, UK.
Julie Armstrong is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at MMU, Cheshire, UK.
John Singleton was one time Subject Leader of Creative Writing at MMU, UK.

Notes on Contributors
Introduction; Heather Leach
PART I: GETTING GOING 1. Becoming a Writer; Heather Leach
2. Creativity; Heather Leach
3. Journals & Notebooks; Robert Graham
4. The Necessity of Mess; John Singleton
5. Visions and Dreams; Julie Armstrong
6. A Writer's Territory; Julie Armstrong
7. Reading As A Writer; Heather Leach
8. Writing Together: Groups and Workshops; Heather Leach
9. Reflection: Looking Your Words in the Face; Robert Graham and Heather Leach
10. Revision: Cut It Out, Put It In; Robert Graham
PART II: ON THE ROAD 11. Layout for Fiction & Memoir; Robert Graham
12. Characterisation; Robert Graham
13. Point of View; Robert Graham
14. Dialogue; John Singleton
15. Setting; Helen Newall
16. Plot: Your Vehicle; Robert Graham
17. Immediacy: It's Showtime; Robert Graham
18. Style; Robert Graham
19. Memoir; Robert Graham
20. Flash Fiction; David Gaffney
21. Scriptwriting for Nervous Beginners; Helen Newall
22. Poetry; Robert Sheppard and Scott Thurston
23. Poetry for People Who Don't Like Poetry; Heather Leach
24. Digital Writing; Heather Leach and Helen Newall
PART III: GOING WHERE? 25. Writing As Self-Invention; Julie Armstrong
26. Taking Your Writing Out Into The World; Robert Graham
27. Getting Published; John Singleton
28. How Not Being Published Can Change Your Life; Heather Leach
PART IV: HELP 29. Paragraphing and Punctuation; Robert Graham
Agony Aunt
PART V: GOING FURTHER Writer's Bookshelf
Writers' and Readers' Festivals


Praise for the first edition:
'The idea of life as a story, and the story being a journey explains the title The Road to Somewhere. As a writer you need to keep progressing and improving, and the four people who have co-edited the book together aim to help you along that journey...If you are starting out and are feeling a little lost and lonely, here is an excellent companion.' - Richard Bell, Writing Magazine
'This comprehensive, intelligent guide approaches writing on all levels, from basics like punctuation to the trickier parts like plotting and structure. As well as nuts and bolts advice, it includes chapters on journal writing,creativity and dreams. With dozens of writing books around, this one stands out for its greater range and depth, and its eminently readable style.' - Sarah Tierney, City Life
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