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Transnational Nation

United States History in Global Perspective since 1789

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9781137338532
Publication Date May 2015
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

The development of nationalism, movement of peoples, imperialism, industrialization, environmental change and the struggle for equality are all key themes in the study of both US history and world history. In this revised and updated new edition, Tyrrell explores the relationship between events and movements in the US and wider world.

Ian Tyrrell is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of New South Wales, Australia. His previous publications include Crisis of the Wasteful Nation: Empire and Conservation in Theodore Roosevelt's America (2014).

1. Born in the Struggles of Empires: The American Republic in War and Revolution, 1789-1815
2. Commerce Pervades the World: Economic Connections and Disconnections
3. The Beacon of Improvement: Political and Social Reform
4. People in Motion: Nineteenth-Century Migration Experiences
5. Unwilling Immigrants and Diaspora Dreams
6. Racial and Ethnic Frontiers
7. America's Civil War and Its World Historical Implications
8. How Culture Travelled: Going Abroad, c. 1865-1914
9. Building the Nation-state in the Progressive Era: The Transnational Context
10. The Empire That Did Not Know Its Name
11. The New World Order in the Era of Woodrow Wilson
12. Forces of Integration: War and the Coming of the American Century, 1925-1970
13. Insular Impulses: Limits on International Integration, 1925 to 1970
14. From the 1970s to New Globalization: American Transnational Power and its Limits, 1971-2001
Epilogue: "Nothing Will Ever Be the Same": 9/11 and the Return of History
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An important book, pleasingly brought up to date, written in a clear way.' - Adam I. P. Smith, University College London, UK
'An innovative way to understand U.S. development.' - Chester J. Pach, Ohio University, USA
Praise for previous edition: 'Transnational Nation will help world historians to understand better the vexed and conflicted history of the US relationship to global engagement. And, while the specific American combination of global pull and national insularity may be unique, its broad outlines are not, as the histories of China, Japan, Russia, or England would show. Without intending to, Transnational Nation provides an attractive template for producing a globally-informed history of any modern great power.' - Journal of Global History
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