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Women and the Economy

Family, Work and Pay

Edition 3rd Edition
ISBN 9781137477033
Publication Date December 2015
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

Hoffman and Averett introduce a broad range of topics in an accessible manner, applying basic economic analysis. Contemporary social, racial and economic issues are examined, using a unique mix of storytelling, empirical evidence and theory. Topics such as the labor market, the gender gap and fertility are discussed bringing in the history behind the issues as well as economic research, applications and policy.

Saul D. Hoffman is Professor of Economics at the University of Delaware, USA.

Susan Averett is Professor of Economics at Lafayette College, USA.

1. Women and the Economy
2. Economics Tools and Thinking
3. Marriage and the Family: An Economic Approach
4. Marriage: Issues and Extensions<
5. The Economics of Fertility
6. The Economics of Fertility: Applications and Extensions
7. Women at Work
8. Labor Force Participation: Applications and Extensions
9. Women's Earnings, Occupation, and Education: An Overview
10. The gender Gap in Earnings: Competing Explanations
11. The Gender Gap in Earnings: Methods and Evidence
12. Employment and Earnings Policies
13. Marriage and Fertility in Developing Countries
14. Women's Work and Earnings in Developing Countries


This is my favorite textbook. The topic coverage is great and the material is presented in an interesting, accessible manner. I especially like all of the references to current research and the discussion of causality/research design. The book is appropriate for both economics major and non-economics majors.' Mindy Marks, University of California Riverside, US
'This text covers all of the key topics in family economics and economics of gender. Rich contextual information is combined with clear expositions of formal analysis and the underlying economic intuition in an engaging, even entertaining, format that is well-suited for upper-division undergraduate students. Discussions of a diverse set of interesting research findings from the academic literature are woven throughout the text.' Terra McKinnish, University of Colorado Boulder, US
'I think that students will find this textbook to be truly fascinating. It is full of thought provoking, state-of-the-art economic analyses of such issues as cohabitation, marriage, divorce, fertility, and child care – topics that few people associate with the discipline of economics. In teaching students how to think like an economist in these realms of life, the book will greatly expand their understanding of just how powerful the tools of economics are.' Evelyn Lehrer, University of Illinois at Chicago, US
'A brilliantly crafted book that sets the gold standard for woman-centric economic analysis of women, marriage, fertility, and the labor market. It presents solid analyses of the economic lives of women including the opportunities that favor them, the barriers that hold them back, and modern forms of discrimination that they face as they continue to make great strides in the economy. Both in-depth and comprehensive, this book has it all – lucidly written economic theory, economic-historical background, the latest empirical facts, and timely policy analysis.' Sanjukta Chaudhuri, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, US
'This book gives a well-rounded overview of topics in family economics. It includes much more than other books which often focus exclusively on women's role in the labor market. Rather, Averett and Hoffmann also analyze fertility decisions, discuss family policy, and include a chapter on women in developing countries.' Michèle Tertilt, Mannheim University, Germany
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