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Work Less, Live More?

Critical Analysis of the Work-Life Boundary

ISBN 9780230535602
Publication Date April 2008
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Critical Perspectives on Work and Organisations

The boundary between work and life is today seen as a major point of tension. New forms of employment and changing locations of work have blurred the distinction between paid labour and private life.

Work Less, Live More? refocuses the debate from how we balance life and work to the increasingly ambiguous point where they meet. Leading scholars present international research to demonstrate the effects of this shift. Case studies include, amongst others, call centre workers, hairstylists and even professional athletes.

Authoritative yet accessible, Work Less, Live More? investigates dramatic changes at the heart of Human Resource Management, Sociology and Organisation Studies.

Key Features:

• Offers a critical understanding of new modes of work and how workers experience and manage the resulting tensions between work and life
• Rethinks work-life balance and the boundary between work and life internationally and across a range of occupations
• The only textbook to focus on changing patterns and definitions of the relationship between work and life

CHRIS WARHURST is Professor of Labour Studies and Director of the Scottish Centre for Employment Research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK. His teaching, research and writing focus on work, employment and organisation issues in the international economy.

DORIS RUTH EIKHOF is Lecturer in Organisation Studies at the Department of Management, University of Stirling, UK, and Research Associate at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria.

AXEL HAUNSCHILD is Professor of Work, Employment and Organization at the University of Trier, Germany. He is also Guest Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Out of Balance or just Out of Bounds? Mapping the Relationships between Work and Life; D.R.Eikhof, A.Haunschild& C.Warhurst
Work-life Balance: Three Terms in search of a Definition; J.MacInnes
Job Spillover: How Parents' Jobs Effect their Kids; B.Pocock
The Time Bind and the Marketisation of Life; A.R.Hochschild
The Problem of the Boundary in Work-life Balance Studies: Theorising the Total Responsibility Burden; P.Ransome
Frustrated Ambitions: Working in the Knowledge Economy; J.Hyman& A.Marks
Getting the Job Done: The Impact of the Conception of Work on Work-life Balance; S.A.Ballegaard& A.B.Fangel
What makes the Home Boundary Porous? The Influence of Work Characteristics and Boundary Preferences on the Permeability of the Home Domain; R.De Man, J.de Bruijn& S.Groeneveld
Work Relations and the Multiple Dimensions of the Work-life Boundary; R.L.Cohen
How Workers cope with Flexible Times and Mobility at Work: Gender and Profession make a Difference; A.Henninger& U.Papouschek
Recreational use or Performance Enhancing? Drugs and Professional Sport; T.Khoshaba
Re-establishing Boundaries: A process of Legitimizing Work in Home-based Telework; C.Kylin& J.C.Karlsson.


The relationship between work and life has become a key feature of government, practitioner and academic debate. The authors respond to recent developments that challenge the work-life boundary, including the changing locations of work, new forms of work and work intensification'. - THE Textbook Guide
'The volume is an excellent, thought-provoking starting point for future studies on the design of work and the many facets of corresponding non-work life spheres.' -Renate Ortlieb, University of Graz
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