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Work Psychology in Action

ISBN 9781137302311
Publication Date September 2017
Formats Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

How do managers at successful organisations such as Google motivate their people? What's the best way to lead your team to high performance? What are peak experiences and how can you find them at work?

Business is about people: for organisations to thrive, managers need to know how to identify and develop the right people, and how to communicate with, lead and motivate them.

Work Psychology in Action introduces key psychological concepts and demonstrates how they come into play in the real world of work, while providing you with an awareness of how business priorities inform and underpin applied psychology. It combines summaries of important research studies with an exploration of topics from different international perspectives to give you a deeper appreciation of how psychology develops and is used around the business world. The book takes a practical, problem-solving approach to understanding the role of psychology in the workplace and focuses on employability skills that will benefit you in your future career. Key features:

Fad or Fact? debates highlight recent management tools and interventions and assess their evidence base.
Psychological Toolkit boxes enable you to use what you have learnt to enhance your own employability and work life.
• A section dedicated to cutting-edge psychology, including consumer and financial psychology and research methods.

Lecturers can visit www.palgrave.com/companion/sutton-work-psychology for teaching materials to support their course.

Anna Sutton is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Manchester Metropolitan Business School, UK.

About This Book
1. What is Work Psychology?
2. Finding and Measuring Talent
3. Developing and Retaining Talent
4. Motivating People
5. Communicating Effectively
6. Building Effective Teams
7. Leadership: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
8. More Than Just Survival – Managing Change
9. Stress and Well-being at Work
10. Positive Psychology at Work
11.Contemporary Topics in Work Psychology
12. The Realities of Research in Business Psychology


I find the tone of this book appealing and…think students will engage with the material. Good approach with lots of examples and activities, case studies etc.' – Sheena Johnson, Manchester Business School, UK
'A credit to the author…very accessible to students – I can see international students having no problems in understanding and clarity here…I could see this being a very popular introductory text, especially on non-specialist masters courses (e.g. MBAs) or HRM introductory programmes, as well as Occupational Psychology at UG and PG levels' – Neil Anderson, Brunel University Business School, UK
'This textbook has a clear and user-friendly writing style, which is crucial and has contributed to the book's readability…This feature is actually important, as some textbooks are dull. Throughout all chapters, the author has adopted a more humanistic approach and well explained the human-organisation nexus using psychological, managerial and anthro-sociological theories (inc. empirical studies).' – Kirk Chang, Salford University Business School, UK
'I like the style and tone of the writing. Really clear explanation of theories and models, good, relevant examples and case studies that flow.' – John Spoerry, University of Buckingham Business School, UK
'I like the links made to other areas of psychology. I think this will be particularly good for psychology students. The language used is very clear, and there are a number of examples that should appeal to the experience of students. I would consider using this with third year students, but would not be averse to using this with first years. Based on material so far, I would strongly consider adopting this text when it is published. I look forward to seeing the publication of this text.' – Andrew Clements, University of Bedfordshire, Dept of Psychology, UK
'I felt that the clarity of the writing and the quality of the explanations were very good. Many existing well-known psychology textbooks do not, in my opinion, explain the theories, models and research adequately for students who have little knowledge of the area, as well as these chapters did…I would consider adopting it as one of the main recommended books on my work psychology module' – Jenni Newlan, Westminster Business School, UK
'I find the content generally up-to-date and adequate in introducing the basic concepts and knowledge for each of the chapters. I like the effort to align to British Psychological Society (BPS) standards and guidelines throughout the book. I also like the referencing to meta-analytic findings.' – Chan Kim Yin, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
'Work psychology is a broad field that likes to develop and hold on to a wide range of different areas. Presenting this breadth and diversity without losing students in them is a difficult challenge. I think overall she has done a fine job in doing so. Her writing is effective…It's organized, informative, and interesting.' – William Tjosvold, Dean of Faculty of Business, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
'To my knowledge British under-graduates are younger than they are in some other parts of Europe. I think that the style in writing perhaps reflects this, as well as some examples and tests. I appreciate very much that someone has taken the time and effort to cluster different theories and perspectives around some applications or problems. The practical approach is much needed. Further the consultancy-approach is also very useful. I like that idea a lot' – Annika Lantz, Dept of Psychology, Stockholm University, Sweden
'A promising and well thought out volume' – Rachel Morrison, Faculty of Business, Australian University of Tech
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