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Community Psychology and the Socio-economics of Mental Distress

International Perspectives

ISBN 9780230275409
Publication Date July 2012
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave

Providing unique global perspectives on community psychology, this is exciting and important reading for students and researchers alike, written by leading experts in the field. Drawing on a wealth of experience and examples, it offers an essential guide to the political global context of this fast-developing area of psychology.

Carl Walker is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Brighton, UK. His research interests in recent years include social inequality, identity and mental distress, cultural representations of mental health and experiences of employment.

Katherine Johnson is Principal Lecturer in Psychology and Director of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Brighton, UK. Her research connects social, critical and community psychology perspectives with interdisciplinary gender and queer studies. 

Liz Cunningham is Senior Lecturer in Community Research and Practice at the University of Brighton, UK. In recent years, her key research interests have been the development of culturally appropriate psychology; the use of participatory action research (PAR); social and community development, and oral history methods.

Introduction: Community Psychology and the Socio-economics of Mental Distress: International Perspectives; C.Walker, K.Johnson, and L.Cunningham
Introduction; C.Walker
Seroxat: the Corruption of Pharmacological Corporations, Health Care Professionals, Politicians and Academics; P.Duckett
Gambling: Government and Industry Promotion of a Dangerous Form of Consumption; J.Orford
Neoliberal Ideology and Personal Debt in the UK; C.Walker
The Operation of a Suicidal Cohort and its Socio-economic Origins; C.Curtis and B.Curtis
Mental Health and Community Psychology in India; S.Bhatia
Introduction; K.Johnson
Social Integration, Violence and Mental Health in Columbia; C.Quenza
Supporting Global Mental Health: Critical Community Psychology as a Potential Panacea?; R.Burgess
Developing a Cambodian Psychology; L.Cunningham, N.Hema, S.Sovandara, K.Sareth, P.Peou, K.Hourn and S.Hour
Communities and Professional Identities: South African Women Students' Accounts of Applied Psychology Training; J.Callaghan
Community Psychology as a Globalised Commodity? A South African Perspective; R.Carolissen
Introduction; L.Cunningham
Charting a Path From Data to Action: A Culturally Sensitive Intervention for Adolescent Self-Harm in Sri Lanka; J.Marecek
Housing for People with Lived Experience of Mental Health Issues: Housing First as a Strategy to Improve Quality of Life; G.Nelson, P.Goering and S.Tsemberis
Developing a Tenant Organisation as a Resource in Supported Housing; B.Kloos, K.Scrimenti, N.Masson, S.Zimmerman, B.Davis, and D.Snow
The Clubhouse Model and Community Psychology; S.Phillips
Liberation of the Social Consciousness through Alternative Learning and Action Research: Work in Progress with the Aytas of the Philippines; E.Estacio and D.Marks
Art, Social Action and Social Change; M.Murray
Global Mental Health, Cultural Specificity and the Risk of Neo-colonialism: Challenges for Critical Community Psychology; K.Johnson.


This is a must read for anyone concerned with the state of the world and quality of life. It is a call for action for mental health advocates worldwide. Read it and improve your ability to challenge the status quo. Pass it along and contribute to much needed action for mental health.' – Isaac Prilleltensky, Dean, School of Education, and Erwin and Barbara Mautner Chair in Community Well-Being, University of Miami, USA
'This book should be essential reading for all who are interested in the root causes of mental distress whether from personal, service or societal perspectives. The editors are to be congratulated for assembling chapters written from different parts of the world tackling issues that other analyses don't reach, particularly relating to socio-economic trends and globalisation – authentic community psychology at its best.' – Carolyn Kagan, Professor of Community Social Psychology and Director of the research Institute for Health and Social Change, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
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