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European Union Politics

Edition 2nd Edition
ISBN 9781137453389
Publication Date April 2015
Formats Paperback Hardcover Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Palgrave Foundations Series

The new edition of this lively and student-friendly text provides an engaging introduction to all aspects of politics and policy in the European Union, giving readers a sense of the colour of EU politics and its impact on people's lives.
The text examines the history, institutions, processes and policies of the European Union as well as the theories developed to explain its character and evolution. The second edition has been thoroughly updated to cover the 2014 European Parliament elections and new appointments to all the major EU institutions, along with the ongoing fallout from the euro zone crisis. A new boxed feature on 'understanding integration' shows how theories and concepts developed in political science illuminate different aspects of European Union politics.

Noted for its clarity and vivid style, each chapter of European Union Politics is enhanced by:

Photos and descriptions of events, thinkers and political actors
Breakdowns of key debates
The companion website is available at www.palgrave.com/politics/mccormick and provides:

Self-test questions and answers
Update materials
Searchable glossary and chronology
Web-links and further reading
Additional lecturer resources

John McCormick is Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Politics at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA.

1. Understanding Integration
2. What is the European Union?
3. Who are the Europeans?
4. Organizing Postwar Europe
5. The European Economic Community
6. From Single Market to European Union
7. To the Euro Crisis and Beyond
8. The Treaties
9. The Member States
10. The European Commission
11. The Councils
12. The European Parliament
13. The European Court of Justice
14. Specialized Agencies
15. Parties and Interest Groups
16. Elections and Referendums
17. Public Opinion
18. Public Policy in the EU
19. Economic Policy
20. Inside the Euro Zone
21. Cohesion Policy
22. Managing Resources
23. Justice and Home Affairs
24. The EU as a Global Actor
25. The EU and the World


Reviews of the first edition:
'This excellent textbook is an absolute 'must have' for anyone with an interest in the European Union. Bang up to date, and taking full account of the Lisbon Treaty changes, it is equally suited to those studying EU politics and government for the first time and those who wish to delve deeper into its intricacies.' - Amy Verdun, University of Victoria, Canada
'Accessible but thought-provoking, and based on an impressively deep knowledge of the European Union, this beautifully-written, comprehensive and thoughtful new introduction, seemingly effortlessly, makes a complex subject really come alive. My students will love it.' - Jane O'Mahony, University of Kent, UK
'Lively and vivid, this wonderfully accessible introduction to the principles, history, politics, policies, and effects of European integration will really help students penetrate the walls of incomprehension and complexity that too often surround fortress Europe.' – Jonathon W. Moses, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
'An excellent up-to-date textbook combining clear writing with a deep knowledge of the European Union. I recommend it highly both for newcomers to EU Studies and for those who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities, some would say 'mysteries', of European integration.' Alberta M. Sbragia, University of Pittsburgh, USA
'Comprehensive, authoritative and, above all, accessible with a lively writing style lightened by pertinent anecdotes and observations: a rare combination. It succeeds admirably in its objective of providing a systematically-integrated introduction for students approaching the study of EU politics for the first time.' - Wyn Grant, University of Warwick, UK
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