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Quantitative Methods

for Business, Management and Finance

Edition 4th Edition
ISBN 9781137376558
Publication Date May 2014
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave

Quantitative Methods for Business, Management and Finance, 4e is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to the subject, painlessly leading you from fundamental principles to more advanced applications. It is an essential text for undergraduate students of business, management and finance, as well as for those on MBA and postgraduate courses.

Louise Swift taught Quantitative Methods to students of business, management and finance for over ten years at the University of East Anglia, UK, where she now works as a statistician.

Sally Piff is the Quantitative Methods tutor in the School of Management, University of East Anglia, UK.

1. Numbers and Symbols
2. Simplifying Expressions
3. Solving Problems
4. Modelling Using Straight Lines
5. Some Special Equations
6. Modelling Using Curves
7. Rates of Change
8. Pictures of Data
9. Summarising Data
10. Measuring Uncertainty
11. Numerical Outcomes
12. Continuous Numerical Outcomes
13. Some More Probability Distributions
14. Estimation
15. Testing Hypotheses
16. Correlation and Regression
17. Comparing Two Populations
18. Nonparametric methods
19. Categorical Data
20. Forecasting
21. Statistics in Practice
22. Linear Programming Models
23. Planning Projects
24. Models for Inventory Control
25. Time and Money
26. Decision Making
27. Simulating Reality
28. Controlling Quality
29. Cumulative Binomial Probabilities
30. Cumulative Standard Normal Probabilities
31. Percentage Points of the Standard Normal Distribution
32. Random Digits
33. Percentage Points of the t Distribution
34. Percentage Points of the x2 Distribution.


Far too many students steer clear of quantitative methods because they fear that they will be unable to cope with the complexities of statistics and formulae. Louise Swift and Sally Piff have managed to produce a wonderfully clear text that takes students gently through the basic principles behind the most commonly used quantitative methods, simultaneously providing the basis for an understanding of statistical outputs which every researcher requires, regardless of the methods they chose to use in their own work.' - Tony Bryant, Professor of Informatics, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
'This book is an excellent introduction to the quantitative methods used in business. Swift and Piff succeeded in preparing a well written and comprehensive text book which requires no prior knowledge of statistics and maths. Indeed all the required quantitative background is provided and students may benefit from the abundance of examples, exercises and work cards that will allow them to practice andachieve a high level of understanding of the topics covered in the book as well as confidence in problem solving skills.' - Konstantinos Tolikas, Lecturer in Finance, Cardiff Business School, UK
'Yet again, Swift and Piff have developed and enhanced this essential text, ensuring compatibility with all the latest applications and learning environments. Suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate study, its practical, no-nonsense approach enables genuine understanding of essential quantitative methods for non-mathematicians.This is a user friendly text for those who struggle with basic concepts and is versatile enough to be useful for those students with a more in depth knowledge of this subject. It lifts the mystery which often surrounds more difficult quantitative concepts for those studying business and finance.Subjects are broken down into manageable sections with colour coded reinforcement panels, work cards and assessment tasks. The clarity of this layout provides a supportive platform for ease of learning and self study.' - Hilary Feltham, Director of Administration & Student Affairs, ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
'This new edition of Quantitative Methods has some excellent features. Its four colour text design, companion website and comprehensive range of examples means that it will stay firmly at the top of my reading list for undergraduate Business and Management students.' - Dr. Christina Broomfield, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
'I highly recommend this textbook as it clearly explains complex mathematical and statistical concepts in a simple, easy to follow manner. Ideally suited to students embarking on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree who in the past have had a 'dislike' for maths, the examples used are relevant and - supplemented with the website - provide an excellent accompaniment to any QM module. Swift and Piff should be commended for the excellent text which is extremely well written and user friendly. It is also good value for money as the students need only one book to cover most of the topics required at graduate/post graduate level.' - Ann Thapar, Senior Lecturer, Westminster Business School, UK
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