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The European Superpower

ISBN 9781403998460
Publication Date November 2006
Formats Paperback Hardcover 
Publisher Palgrave

In this important new book, McCormick argues that the EU has become an economic and political superpower, whose new global role calls into doubt most of the recent assessments of unipolarity in world politics and American 'Empire'. In his inimitably clear and accessible style, McCormick shows how the rise of Europe has been underplayed.

JOHN MCCORMICK is Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA.

The Changing Nature of Power
The Emergence of Europe
Europe's Civilian Power
The European Economic Colossus
Europe's Political Leadership
Competing in the Market for Ideas
Conclusion: The Meaning of Europe.


The notion of Europe as a new superpower has been widely popularised but this scholarly but accessible book provides the first serious and systematic presentation of the case. John McCormick argues that Europe is a new sort of superpower which combines civilian and military instruments in a unique and unprecedented way giving it many advantages over the US in a world in which, as Iraq has shown, hard power has clear limits and soft power backed by tangible means is a commodity of growing significance.' - Jolyon Howorth, Yale University
'A number of recent books advance the argument that Europe will soon become a superpower. This book argues that that day has already arrived. Even those who remain unconvinced by this claim will find much food for thought in the author's arguments about the changing bases of power and influence in the 21st century.' - David Andrews, Scripps College and European Union Center of California
'McCormick makes an original, provocative, and well-informed case... [rejecting] the oft-heard charge that Europe is in economic, military, and demographic decline.' - Philip H. Gordon, Foreign Affairs
'[A] strong, thought-provoking case for reconceptualizing EU power in the international system' - Karen Smith, Journal of Common Market Studies
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