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The European Union in Crisis

ISBN 9781137604262
Publication Date July 2017
Formats Hardcover Ebook Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave
Series The European Union Series

The European Union (EU) is in crisis. The crisis extends beyond Brexit, the fluctuating fortunes of the eurozone and the challenge of mass migration. It cuts to the core of the EU itself. Trust is eroding; power is shifting; politics are toxic; disillusionment is widespread; and solidarity has frayed. In this major new text leading academics come together to unpack all dimensions of the EU in crisis, and to analyse its implications for the EU, its member states and the ongoing study of European integration.

DESMOND DINAN is Jean Monnet Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University, USA.

NEILL NUGENT is Emeritus Professor of Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

WILLIAM E. PATERSON is Honorary Professor of German and European Politics at Aston University,UK.

1. A Multi-Dimensional Crisis.- Desmond Dinan, Neill Nugent and William E. Paterson.- 2. Crises in EU History.- Desmond Dinan.- 3. The Political Economy Context of EU Crises.- Ben Rosamond.- 4. Playing for High Stakes: The Eurozone Crisis
Kenneth Dyson
5. The UK: Membership in Crisis
Lee McGowan and David Phinnemore
6. The European Migration Crisis
Laurie Buonanno.- 7. The Eurozone in Crisis: Core-Periphery Dynamics.- Brigid Laffan.- 8. The Aftermath of the Eurozone Crisis: Towards Fiscal Federalism?.- Caroline de la Porte and Elke Heins.- 9. The Crisis and the EU's Institutions, Political Actors and Processes
Neill Nugent.- 10. The Legitimacy Challenge
Christian Schweiger.- 11. Germany and the Crisis: Asset or Liability?.- Simon Bulmer and William E. Paterson.- 12. Greece: A Crisis in Two Level Governance.- Kevin Featherstone and Dimitris Papadimitriou.- 13. Central and Eastern Europe: The Sacrifices of Solidarity, the Discomforts of Diversity and the Vexations of Vulnerabilities.- Tim Haughton.- 14. The EU, Ukraine, and the Unstable East.- Wolfgang Seibel.- 15. The EU's Global Image.- Amelia Hadfield.- 16. Theorising Crisis in European Integration.- Frank Schimmelfennig.- 17. Can the EU Survive?.- Douglas Webber
18. Conclusions: Crisis Without End?.- Desmond Dinan, Neill Nugent and William E. Paterson.


“A brilliant book for understanding the European Union’s crises. It shows the necessity of analyzing the politics of member states and the total artificiality of establishing barriers between EU studies and comparative politics.” (Professor Christian Lequesne, Sciences Po, Paris, France)
“Brings together in one book a wide range of perspectives on and insights into the European Union's varied crises. It will be extremely useful for students of the EU as they struggle to understand the challenges facing European integration in the first decades of the twenty-first century.” – Michelle Cini, University of Bristol, UK
“An authoritative account of the multiple and severe challenges now confronting the European integration project. Measured in its analysis, the volume nonetheless explodes the notion of a linear march toward ‘ever closer union’.” – Mitchell P. Smith, The University of Oregon, USA
'A brilliant book for understading the European Union's crises. It shows the necessity of analyzing the politics of member states and the total artificiality of establishing barriers between EU studies and compartive politics' - Christian Lequesne, Sciences Po, Paris, France
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