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The New Digital Workplace

How New Technologies Revolutionise Work

ISBN 9781137610133
Publication Date March 2017
Formats Paperback Ebook 
Publisher Palgrave
Series Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment

The New Digital Workplace is part of the acclaimed Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment (CPWE) series, in association with the annual International Labour Process Conference. This book brings together leading international academics to examine how digital technologies impact on work and organisations. Grounded in Labour Process Theory, it provides a rigorous account of the technological, organizational and work related changes not only in the new “digital” industries, but also in “traditional” service and manufacturing sectors.

Key benefits include:

  • Written by leading international scholars
  • Multi-disciplinary perspectives from Business and Management, Sociology, and Media and Communication
  • Based on original, cutting-edge research
  • Covers topical issues such as cyber-bullying, robots and wearable technology, gender and technological work, and employment in the games industry.

This book is essential reading for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate modules related to technology and work, as well as modules in work sociology on Sociology degree programmes.

Kendra Briken is a Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde Business School, UK

Shiona Chillas is a Lecturer in the School of Management at the University of St. Andrews, UK

Martin Krzywdzinski is Head of the Project Group Globalization, Work and Production at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Germany

Abigail Marks is Professor of Work and Employment Studies at Heriot- Watt University, UK.

1. Labour Process Theory and The New Digital Workplace (Kendra Briken, Shiona Chillas, Martin Krzywdzinski and Abigail Marks)
Part I: Robots and Virtualities - The Changing Face of Manufacturing Work
2. Industry 4.0 In The Making - Discourse Patterns and Digital Despotism On The Rise (Sabine Pfeiffer)
3. 'Made in China 2025': Intelligent Manufacturing and Work (Florian Butollo and Boy Lüthje)
4. Virtual Temptations: Reorganizing Work Under Conditions of Digitization, Virtualization and Informatization (Mascha Will-Zocholl)
Part II: Clouds, Crowds, and Big Data - Changing Regimes of Control, Changing Forms of Resistance and Misbehaviour
5. On Call for One's Reputation - Control and Time in Creative Crowdwork (Philip Schörpf, Jörg Flecker and Annika Schönauer)
6. Workplace Cyberbullying: Insights into an Emergent Phenomenon (Premilla D’Cruz and Ernesto Noronha)
7. Changing Systems, Creating Conflicts: IT-Related Changes in Swedish Banking (Fredrik Movitz and Michael Allvin)
8. The Disruptive Power of Digital Transformation: New Forms of Industrializing Knowledge Work (Andreas Boes, Tobias Kämpf, Barbara Langes and Thomas Lühr)
Part III: The Digital Workplace (Worker) - Gendered, Self-exploitative, and Vulnerable?
9. Women, Work and Technology: Examining the Under-Representation of Women in ICT (Gavin Maclean, Abigail Marks and Shiona Chillas)
10. Understanding Self-Exploitation in the Digital Games Sector (Adrian Wright)
11. Macro, Meso and Micro-level Determinants of Employment Relations in the Video Games Industry (Christina Teipen)
Part IV: Epilogue
12. Actually Existing Capitalism: Some Digital Delusions (Paul Thompson and Kendra Briken).


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